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Self reflecting Photograph by Robert WK Clark

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Comments (3)

Stella Wanja

Stella Wanja

This art piece represents a woman standing in a beach holding her head. The surrounding environment is also calm and the way she is looking, one can easily tell there is something disturbing her. The fact that she is holding her head symbolize that she is reflecting back her life. There is a lot of thoughts going on in her mind. The artist has really tried to bring out emotions through this art print and the viewer can easily understand the message that the print is communicating. It�s is mid day or in the afternoon since one can easily observe the shadow and the sun glow that is reflected on the woman hair.

Ashley Grimes

Ashley Grimes

This shot here portrays self observation and from the calmness of the look of the model, she has all the time in the world to do a proper reflecting on herself. Look inwards, do an outward reflecting, know what and where to improve on and in all fix what needs to be fixed so as to fit into the world around her. THe world around already has all it needs, she is the one who needs to fit in perfectly as as such she needs to reflect wholly on her own very self. The color of the world as portrayed here is cool and calm as opposed to what the real world is. This artwork makes the self reflecting here an easy task. We all know it is difficult to two that in the real world but then the artist only created something from the figment of his imagination. Therefore, his artwork, his expression.

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Beautiful shot,Robert ! (F/L)

Robert WK Clark replied:

Thank you so much Latha you are so kind.

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Self reflecting by Robert WK Clark
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