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Robert WK Clark Art Collections

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About Robert WK Clark

Robert WK Clark Robert WK Clark's Figurative Fine Art Gallery

The landscape that a woman's body represents is highly defined within these several series of collections created by Artist Robert WK Clark. Using different grades of lighted backgrounds and elemental aspects such as coins, films, sand, and mud, Clark hopes to make a more accurate indication of the human body as the base art as it is imposing on the idea of appreciating the pureness of the human body without the ornaments of clothing covering its grandness. Looking through the collections presented in this website shall provide one a more accurate understanding and a much better appreciation of the pureness of the human body as a form of the most comprehensive art that ever existed.

Most artists are only able to satisfy a particular type of connoisseur. Those with even slightly different tastes are not able to find gratification in the work of many artists; however, this is not the case with Clark. Art connoisseurs of different tastes find something to their liking in Clark's work, such is the versatility commanded by the artist. The work is bright and vivid, and one does not have to dwell on the work and the statement within the piece. The simplicity of the work increases how the statement is conveyed, and yet there is a hint of a slight sophistication that present Clark's work in a completely different light from his contemporaries. The simplicity is not overt, yet the complexity is not covert; instead, there is this unexplainable blend of sensual elements that bring to life the most startling of images, providing gratification to the artist and those who look at his work.

It is in the case of possession that this website comes to be of importance. Most people search for the artists, and they come in contact with the artists for the sole purpose of possessing one of their works. Clark's work is not limited to his studio or various locations in New Mexico, although currently residing in Rio Rancho, a suburb of Albuquerque, NM. Located in the vicinity of the prestigious Santa Fe art colony, one of the largest art markets in the United States. People who intend to possess one of Clark's art pieces can do so simply via this website. The collection is available for viewing of the works that the person wishes to obtain may be ordered online without much ado. This website also allows the different connoisseurs to come in contact by sharing their opinions and reviews, which further reinstates the statements made by the artist continuously in his work.

Robert WK Clark's Biography

Clark is someone to explore. A reflection of the art he produces, the man is many different things, as a picture projects a thousand words. Clark threads on the path taken by the likes of Mathew Brady, the civil war photographer; one of the nation's most exceptional in his time. Brady opened a New York studio in 1844 after mastering the daguerreotype, the early form of capturing pictures. Like Brady, Clark continues to master the arts; his time before was mostly spent as a network engineer, finding that 15 hours work days were quite taxing, he allotted some time for his first love - freezing moments forever. At the age of 13, this artist bought his first camera, and the passion has since stirred a world of elevated awareness of form, hue, and lighting for him.

As anybody with the inclination for the aesthetics, he attends cultural and artistic events; this also being borne of a belief that dramatic self-expression is the window to the soul. One can appreciate that the man wears his heart in his sleeve and perhaps believes in the act of chivalry. A secret soft side reveals a person who usually goes out of his way to help others, but he believes, just like James Madison that not all men are born angels and would rather keep a small group of real friends. The artist, who is a father of two lovely kids. Just like a discovery-oriented reader who treks the pages of life, he too would like to meet a woman of the same vibrations; a soul mate perhaps.

Unlike Vincent Van Gogh who had his artworks scattered in many places, Clark is a stickler for organization and cleanliness. Like many great artists, he is a bit introverted, but he has this enigmatic gift of humor and a great sense of adventure. A paradox that actually enhances his work, for beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and those eyes may not see a single point of splendor, it may see the loveliness in many different features of a single thing. More so, the various facets in his work enlighten and free him from unwanted baggage and bring more happiness; he can follow his dreams which at the same time allows for more precious moments with his youngsters. His fusion of scientific digital technical knowledge and the arts has created wonders that have enriched his soul, finding meaning and relevance which has given this man a good vantage point, both for art's sake and for self-actualization. Clark's character is a reminder of William Garnett who took on aerial photography in 1949, this three-in-a-row winner of three Guggenheim fellowships loved capturing the beauty of Mother Nature from the air. Garnett was a pioneer in providing colorful accounts of the world around us in a top-angle panoramic aspect. His love for excitement and appreciation of magnificence reflects in Clark's creative passion - the artist and visionary.

This artist who loves all types of music has a gift for the visuals and has amassed a diverse and engaging portfolio. He took up photography in high school where his teacher was impressed with his work on architectural buildings downtown. At that early age in vocational pursuit, he excelled using the manual mode setting, displaying absolute control over the end results. As the artist posits it about his younger days; "I love to push the camera to create images that are unexpected." Even while working on computers, he had a collection of cameras and enjoyed capturing with friends. This impetus made him decide to focus on his passion and produce more enjoyable work. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes you dull. Clark further elaborates: "I realized that I really didn't enjoy the computer work that I was doing. I want to create something that will outlast me, like a great art piece. I want my work to be on somebody's wall forever. I'd like to leave an artistic legacy with my artwork." Continuing with his digital work, it allows him to focus on the aesthetics and deeper meanings of photography without having to be ensnarled by commercialism. His artwork hinges on the quality and is free of another hounding negative human emotions, what is left to the eye's is a collection of beautiful things. His love for imagery is matched by his zest for life and would surround himself with positive people who share the same interests. Clark's word on human interactions is; "I believe that honest, open communication is the key to lasting friendships and relationships." As the human genome forwards that each person's DNA is unique to oneself, his work embodies his dreams, aspirations, and insight on how things should look like in captured stillness. Armed with a passion for painting and sculpting this well-rounded artist will triumph.

Clark displays compassion and is not selfish to share his knowledge and technical expertise. He strives to be of aid to the budding artist. An enthusiast can find samples of Clark's work on this website; The artist also partakes of relevant information on other art-related items and events. As his collection continually grows.
Nevertheless, he states that: "My passion was always to create," he says. "I am the kind of person who will go out on a limb to do what I want to do." Indeed, this man will go on. Clark relates with the vision of Henri Van Lier in the latter's Philosophy of Photography that emphasizes a keen sense of the detail. He pursues the details that he wants to expose in his finished work and goes out of his way to make them look good. An extra effort for something unusual is always worthwhile.

Though Clark takes on any kind of assignment, his predilection has been for the search of the different angles to elucidate more on the beauty of the female form. Closely scrutinizing the amazing quality of his takes, one gets reminded of Irving Penn who was a part of Vogue magazine beginning in the late 1930s. Penn, who used different hues of white and grey for his backdrops, pushed the art of imagery to a great leap. Taking the societal values of the time into account, his nude series ruffled some feathers, raised some eyebrows, and generated a lot of talks. Today, Clark brings the female form into artistic spheres that once again thrust the art to a higher dimension. For those who want to see to believe, it is a must to visit this website thoroughly and explore yourself. Clark's works are indeed a must have and display for a lifetime. The artist has taken inroads in lighting, hue, and presentation of the dramatic background that he has explored different categories. He has equated the female form to different circumstances and moods and emotions. They fall into a variety of Series. Name what feeling you want to get out of a captured figure and Clark can create it. And much more, his work does speak in thousands of words.

About Robert WK Clark's work

Robert WK Clark has the inner core of an artist who uses the medium of photography to create pieces of fine art. With a passion for art, this artist chooses to work with women who are artistically inclined. He believes that the model and the artist need to be in sync to bring out the best in the artwork and successfully convey its intended meaning and essence. He does not limit his collaboration's, both professional as well as amateur models are always welcome as long as they are comfortable with nudity.

Artist Robert WK Clark has his signature style of creating vivid art pieces through nudity. His work is all about depicting the beautiful form of the female entity, to create work that is shared with the world. Bringing out the sincere appreciation of using photography to poetry. Also to give the careers and the growth of the artist and the models a much-needed impetus. The models do not merely pose for the photo shoot; they grace this artist's work. Each and every model has to use their talent to contribute to help the artist create either an entirely new series or to a single existing theme.

The imagery incorporates a plethora of artistic elements that capture the beauty of women artistically and creatively. Robert WK Clark's work is centered on expanding the model's horizons. Some of the elements of his work that stand for art is an organization within chaos. There is a unique and exotic fusion of serenity and dynamism in his pieces. This combination represents sexuality, and the enigma of the female form is representative of the artist's underlying passion for art. This makes his works even more vivid and exciting. Rarely his pieces incorporate the image of the model's face and minimum accessories are used. Nudity is captured in a sophisticated, classy and elegant way, and the artist's style of introducing a subtle hint of sensuality and intelligently incorporated ambiguity add to the richness of the artwork. The pieces are either a riot of color or are monochromatic. Texture, balance, and the creative use of shade and light effects are noteworthy. Shades and hues are used to bring in dynamism and fluidity as well as induces a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This seamless mastery of complex color composition is one of Robert WK Clark's biggest strengths. His collections are all about using the female form as a central point of focus and beauty. His art composition uses unique lighting, colors, and several other comprehensive elements that capture the perception, the emotions, and the essence of the model who is involved in the collaboration. He makes the body look beautiful and introduces a fresh perspective to nudity. Presenting a modern and classy appreciation of the landscape that is representative of a woman's form. Often using items as an extension of the model, to both sculpt and soften the model's body contours, with a high degree of emotion and grace. They are often complementary to the model's skin tone, and help captures the mastery and the authenticity of the mood that Robert WK Clark has successfully tried to achieve and establish. These art pieces are scintillating, his use of adornments as a veil to convey a subtle sense of sexuality along with a myriad of elements of light epitomizes the suggestiveness of the women's body sculpture.

About Robert WK Clark's Portfolio

The female form is an exhilarating sight to behold. And when the female form is immortalized in tastefully captured imagery, it will provide inspiration, contentment, ease, and a whole other range of emotions for the viewer. Robert WK Clark's myriad of images boasts of vibrant color, fantastic renderings of light and shade, nude and beautiful women in elegant poses, and common elements that accentuate the emotions depicted on the models' faces and actions.

When one looks at a particular Clark piece, one would be transported to places, and surroundings like deserts abandoned warehouses, rivers, caves, and forests that can evoke various emotions like peace, happiness, contentment, dynamism, hope, rest, secrecy, abandonment, mystery, and playfulness. Even everyday objects and substances like jewelry, musical instruments, and cars can conjure those same sensations as in the surroundings as mentioned earlier. A Clark artwork is a treasure, and owning one of his works does not need a lot of effort. With a few clicks, one can own a timeless work of art.

Each of Clark's work comes in different materials, presenting various choices for the potential owner. One can choose a piece of work depending on one's budget and size of the surroundings. In elegant and imposing interiors, a lavish gallery canvas is most suited. Cozier interiors call for the mid-range actual photo print. Last but not least, the inexpensive poster is suited for everyday purposes. Nevertheless, owning a Clark masterpiece is a visual treat.

Any work by Robert WK Clark can be integrated into an elegant or cozy surrounding. Any of his works can be put in public spaces or in intimate and private settings. Moreover, a Clark piece can educate an individual regarding the use of color composition, balance, and symmetry. Each piece also presents a story that is subject to interpretation by the viewer. Clark's work is a joy to look at, and it is an invitation to live and enjoy life.

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