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Looking around Photograph by Robert WK Clark

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Stella Wanja

Stella Wanja

This image shows two ladies who are looking at each other�s body parts. They are good looking and they seem to admire what the other one has. The art piece is design in a perfect style and the image is able to catch the viewer�s attention in a great manner. One is left trying to figure out what each of them is keen observing. The image is great in terms of colors used and the background selection. The artist has used cute models and the viewer is able to admire the whole concept. The viewer is seen to be at close proximity and the art piece is very cool.

Ashley Grimes

Ashley Grimes

These two nude models have surely got each other��s backs. They both know it would be uncomfortable to look around their own backs so they both chose to trust each other to look on behalf of each other. The other one is helping the other one see what is going on behind her. They trust each other not to stab themselves in the back. As much as it is difficult to trust anybody wholeheartedly, these artwork is telling us to do and to those who know they cannot be trusted, it doesn��t hurt or kill to be trustworthy. Such an important message is being passed here from the artist.

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Looking around by Robert WK Clark
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