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Flower of Life Photograph by Robert WK Clark

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Comments (3)

Stella Wanja

Stella Wanja

This art work is a real presentation of what beauty bestowed in women. They are all squatting in a suggestive manner and aligning in a circle form to create a symbol of flower. The colors used create a clear contrast and the piece looks more appealing. The background color is also complimenting the image. The group comprise of beautiful women and just from the look of things, they are able to demonstrate to the viewer�s mind so that he can comprehend the real picture of the flower of life as the artist describes it. This is a good work and it shows high level of inimitable.

Ashley Grimes

Ashley Grimes

A flower symbolizes beauty and is often given out to people or in events we are fond of. Six nude models are in this work of art in a pose that looks like the petal of a flower. The colors of their skin against the color in the background makes the flower a very rare never-before-seen type of flower and the brilliance in lighting and colors cannot be overemphasized. The artist here creates an imagery which is a representation of an entirely different entity in form and mode and he calls it the ��flower of life��. How else do we describe brilliance?

Crystal Harwood

Crystal Harwood

This is really amazing. I live the title if this photograph as well as the picture itself. The flower is something beautiful, as well as these women. Women give life and flowers make life better. This is truly inspiring. The life of a flower. Thanks for sharing

Robert WK Clark replied:

You have a beautiful way with words, thank you for commenting.

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Flower of Life by Robert WK Clark
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