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Falling Together Photograph by Robert WK Clark

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Comments (2)

Stella Wanja

Stella Wanja

The art work print shows a number of women falling down all in one style. They are aligned in a series and one can predict that even the fall, they will still remain intact. The color used to make decorations together with the black background to which the image is created is also great and in general, the artist has done an excellent work. The artist has employed a lot of creativity and from the look of things; the viewer is able to unveil what the artist really wanted to communicate. This is a nice, unique and vibrant art work presentation.

Ashley Grimes

Ashley Grimes

This work of art is a masterpiece which captures conveniently the intricately woven nature which is supposedly the type that ought to be present in all humans. Viewing this work of art and the name the artist has given to it, it goes a long way in depicting perfectly and identifies with the symbolic element the feminine gender represents in the course of nature because the women in the art are alike, are posed the same, save for the one with the blonde hair in the center and that even further tells us how much we as humans should see ourselves and one another in the same light and should eliminate every form of discrimination whatsoever. In the art, the images of the women, although poised the same way and manner, the tiniest detail didn't matter in their outward appearances and the seeming synergy that exists amongst them. I think the artist is only trying to preach one thing- "No matter the differences existing between us or amongst us all, we stick together and fall together and also rise together if we must.

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Falling Together by Robert WK Clark
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