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Serenity and turbulence, innocence and sensuousness, and vibrancy and stillness are just some of the things that one can expect from Robert WK Clarks Water Series collection. Water Series showcases various imagery featuring the nude female form in various tasteful poses and the rushing and calm rivers of New Mexico provide the perfect backdrop for the pieces. Water Series” is intended for the serious art aficionado and collector who highly appreciates the female form and who feels emotions and derives messages when viewing Clarks artistic works. Thus, if one wishes to collect any piece in the Water Series, one simply may acquire one or several of these unique pieces. Clarks Water Series provides a stunning visual treat. What makes his works truly spectacular is that all of the images convey a sense of elegance, considering that the models are bereft of clothing. Water Series is not merely about a certain woman surrounded by the flowing and crystal clear waters. It is also about the manipulation of light and color to communicate to the viewer certain messages. Blue waters suggest life, reflection, purification, and intuition. Red and purple waters give the viewer a hint of the subconscious, renewal, motion, and transformation. Raging waters give a message of movement and agitation.Still waters suggest rest, comfort, relaxation, and ease with surroundings. Each piece in the Water Series collection has a different style, a different message, and a different meaning. Moreover, each models pose also tells a story. A model showing her backside conveys shyness and mystery and a model displaying her frontal form means openness and invitation. Robert WK Clarks Water Series is an invitation to appreciate the beauty of the female form. It is an invitation to appreciate the little things in life like comfort, relaxation, and recreational activities. A Water Series piece in any interior setting would brighten and is very educational in terms of art. A Water Series piece would bring more emotion and passion to any environment.©Robert WK Clark

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