Sunset Series - Wall Art

The artistic images include mainly the silhouette figures of female bodies. Some are simply about a certain body part, such as the feet and ankles of a model sticking out of the sand in one image with the remaining body immersed in the sand but mostly invisible. This work is created in the desert and against a background of a glowing and slowly darkening sky which creates the visual idea that the female body is becoming one with nature as night time approaches. Other pieces concentrate on the elegant shape of the female body by presenting it in a dark form that starkly contrasts with the disappearing sun in the background. The beauty of the female silhouette as it stands proudly and elegantly in yoga-like positions cannot be missed. Not all the compositions are in the desert or with only a female figure as point of focus as one includes for example a couple that meditatively look out over the water to the disappearing sun while a lonely bird circles over their head. The sunset series should be collected by anyone desiring to understand how the human female body can convey, in its beauty and elegance, meanings about life. The female body is not simply documented in these series, but explored against the stark and lonely background of nature, through Clark's eyes. The pictures affirm the state of female hood by putting the silhouette in sharp contrast with the scene , but also by creating the images of oneness whether through immersing the body in the scene or by implying how sensuality of womanhood is an extremely appealing thing that should be brought to the foreground through nature in order to reveal it in a subtle form that does not place too much focus on the body as an entity at the expense of highlighting its attributes as a meaningful , erotic, yet also sexually powerful image. To do this well Clark resorted to consciously deemphasizing the female figure by placing focus on the natural background and the sunset. ©Robert WK Clark

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