Rock Series - Wall Art

The artistic works in these series are taken against a background of stones and rocks that creates a visually appealing and interesting contrast between the sharpness and hardness of nature and the softness of the female body. The sexuality and sensuality of the female figure in such a hard and enwrapping environment is further asserted through the selection of warm colors as red and blue. At times the rocks are placed around the female body in a manner where it is not clear how far into the environment the figure is immersed whilst at others the rocks are barley visible and the darkness is what wraps the silhouette. The angle and frame are also different from one piece to another. Some are framed from the top, others from afar to capture the full plane, while others intentionally capture and constrain one part of the body. The lighting plays also a role in the underlining of the contrast between nature's roughness and female softness. For instance, the rim light, the placement of the female strategically where shade and light meet against the background of rocks which captures the naturalness of the scene. Accent lights highlight the edges of several parts of the female model's body which also varies depending on pose and angle, keeping the variety in the series alive, captivating, and intriguing. For example, one light skims across the model's buttocks as she is lying on her stomach whilst another strikes over her midriff as a reflection of the moonlight against a dark landscape. The integration of light, colors, and landscape bring in these series the models' figures and female hood effectively to the foreground. ©Robert WK Clark

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1 - 4 of 4 (cache)

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