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Art has always pushed boundaries of social acceptability and continually redefines notions of aesthetic beauty and offensive material. Artist Robert WK Clarks erotic series is no exception. In this series of sexually explicit images, Clark takes what is normally considered lewd, vulgar and offensive for his subject matter, and captures and portrays it in a way that compels its beholders to acknowledge its beauty and artistic significance. The images all portray women experiencing the sense of touch in erogenous zones such as the neck, the breast, the vagina. Yet, the closeness of the subjects to the artists lens conveys a sense of intimacy that counteracts against the offensive, abrasive nature of the explicit images. In addition, the technique of portraying these scenes through close-up images compels viewers to focus less on the overall images of women at sexual play, and focus in more closely on the natural beauty of the female bodys curvature and smooth textures. The series also performs the cultural work of exposing and upholding womens sexuality -- a topic traditionally ignored, marginalized or condemned by society -- in a way that bluntly, but tastefully, acknowledges the relevance of sexuality to feminine identity. The close-up photography forces viewers into direct contact and confrontation with womens sexuality. The subject matters also blatantly reject traditional views of womens sexuality in relation to a mans needs. In this series, Clark reunites the female with her body and her sexuality in a way that obliges viewers to acknowledge her authority. ©Robert WK Clark

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