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Body paint in photography is a way of blending two popular mediums of artists into a single piece. The works in this series utilizes a miasma of colors, intertwined in a series of rectangular blocks. The use of body painting adds an undeniable extra dimension to the images.The colors are presented against a black background serving to highlight the outline and curves of the body through the contrast in their duality. The body appears to be completely covered in a light blue base with strips of purple, blue, red, and green. The strips flow with the natural curves of the body, accentuating the body’s outline in splashes of color. The setting is unidentifiable given the dark lighting and composition to constrain only certain body parts within the frame. This serves to also further underscore the interest of the artist to mainly limit the focus to exploring abstract patterns and textures. What makes these series thus so interesting and captivating is the interplay of all elements to bring the theme in the most direct and unavoidable manner to the viewer’s eye, and hence also his mind. Robert WK Clark clearly plays with the idea of painting 'clothes' on the body of the model. The painting is a second skin. The paint used can be seen in natural light as well as black or ultraviolet lighting where it can fluoresce to be visible. Thus, the painting of a second skin on the model takes the image into a realm of fantasy where the female body is transformed and empowered to remain visual against all types of lighting and contrasts. The model is seen in some images as a work in progress; an art work still painted with a brush: unfinished and unclaimed and still filled with different possibilities. This stirs the imagination of the viewer to try at times to mentally complete the image. ©Robert WK Clark

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