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The works in this series seek to explore the subject isolated in a rundown industrial setting. Immediately apparent is the strong sense of duality and contrast. Each piece has a vibrant light source, blinding in its brightness. The light blurs out everything but the brightness itself, obstructing one from seeing beyond it. This enhances the feeling of entrapment, and abandoned isolation inside the industrial structures.One is unable to see the outside world, and despite the alluring temptation of the bright natural light, it remains an unknowable chimeric desire. The beauty of the nude bodies contrasted with the stark background of metal and stone makes the subject looked lost within their confined world. One would expect to see such images around bright and natural scenery. The subjects their selves seem drawn to the light, with its beams cascading off their skin.They are posed in positions desiring to be set free from their confinement, seeking to embrace the outside light but unable to move beyond the thresholds, or posed in dramatic desire of a unobtainable desire. This contrast and duality pulls the reader into an important theme in art work: the fine line between the future past, and present. Time is blurred through the inclusion of the setting of abandoned houses as main background. The abandoned and isolated scene underscores the undeniable fact that everything in this world has a beginning and an end. Moreover, those changes are not only constant and inevitable, but also omnipresent and empowering through their provision of a source of progress. They push individuals to move forward, similarly to the models who seem captivated by the light of possibilities that blur in many images the lines of the setting. Robert WK Clark has managed in these series to create images that not only narrate his artistic vision, but successfully tell the story of the human journey. the abandon series are fine pieces of art worthy of collection. ©Robert WK Clark

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