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Does One Size Really Fit All?

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What do Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe and the Venus de Milo have in common? They all have that perfect hourglass body, and they were all icons of beauty.

Everywhere you look today in the media, you see images of skinny, starved-looking women that are considered sexy because you see the lines on the stomach and hip bones protruding behind their skin. There’s a perception out there that only a flat tummy looks good when in reality, the clothes on these emaciated bodies are what makes them look attractive by the way a blouse is unbuttoned down or hem of a skirt is up high.

The truth is, men, find curvy women more attractive. According to research, men get the same high from seeing a curvy woman. A ripped stomach and firm posterior is sexy, but so is a little pooch belly. That’s sexy too, it’s just a different kind of sexy and men are attracted to both kinds. But women think if they don’t have washboard abs, then they can’t possibly be a model and that’s just not the case. Have we grown so accustomed to seeing touched-up images of unattainable perfection that we can’t see the beauty in the average-shaped woman? When a real woman looks in the mirror, and the reflection looking back at her doesn’t resemble the images she’s accustom to seeing in magazines and in the movies, she equates that with, “I don’t look like her. Therefore I can’t be a model like her.”

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. What most of us don’t realize is that every image printed in a fashion magazine has been altered to look like perfection. And the model has been trained to move her body in front of the camera in such a way that it flatters her shape.

A lot of full-figured women don’t have the confidence to even consider modeling, when in fact, they’re missing out on a great experience. Some think if they aren’t the stereotypically lean women, then they couldn’t possibly be captured by the camera.

Women are beautiful in all sizes. Even if you have a heavier model, as long as she has some curves and is proportionate for the size of her frame, she sexy. Think of the quintessential pin-up girl, Marilyn Monroe. Did you know she actually wore a size 13 and she’s considered to be an iconic beauty? She knew how to wear her clothes and hold her body for the camera.

Both Marilyn and Anna Nicole prove that they didn’t need tiny measurements to be sexy. In fact, it was the high waist to hip ratio that made them famous. It’s more about the proportion of their sizes than the actual numbers that give them an hour-glass shape. As long as the waist is smaller in proportion to the upper and lower body, it doesn’t matter if a model is a size two or a size twelve, these are the curves that can drive a man crazy.

The key to achieving that voluptuous, curvy body is to look for that shape where the middle is proportionately smaller than the chest and hip. With a little guidance from behind the camera, you can transform her into the shapely goddess she’s hiding inside.

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