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Censorship Laws And Free-Spirited Activities Centered Around Nudity

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The ancient Greek philosopher named Protagoras was very popular around the time of Socrates and Plato. He proposed a theory that can be utilized as the basis for all progressive thinking individuals to date. His theory was that all things are in motion (meaning in a constant state of change). This premise is very true when applied to the evolution and modification of nudity laws in America. Starting with the barriers being broken down on American beaches, by the interjection of the one-piece bathing suit, a slow, methodical movement was started. Eventually, Styles got a little more daring when men stopped wearing tops on the beaches, and women became bold enough to put on two-piece bathing suits.

As you stand back and think about Protagoras' theory, a little light goes off in your head, making you think that maybe he was right. Things and events are in a constant state of change, but the speed in which they take place is totally up to the will of the people. Referring back to the bathing suit evolution, next up is the bikini movement, followed by the dental floss type bathing suits. Along about the time that the bikinis came on the scene, nude sunbathing, nude clubs, nudist colonies, and a multiplicity of counter culture clubs and groups sprung up worldwide, in progressive thinking countries only.

At this point in time or in this day and age, like-minded individuals who like the nude lifestyle, find it necessary to put their heads together. Having met, socializing, and engaging in personal activities that people of this persuasion like to do, find it necessary to do these things behind closed doors, or at least within a sheltered environment.

The inventions of the Internet, smartphones, and various other communication devices make it possible for like-minded individuals to communicate, organize events, and exchange personal material in real time. This technology also provides a hedge of protection from law enforcement agencies who frown on free-spirited activities centered around nudity.

Various social and cultural norms regarding nudity.

There are different social and cultural norms regarding nudity all over the globe. This is a very important fact! Nudity is a normal condition, and this condition has existed for the majority of mankind's occupation on planet earth. Starting from cave dwellers, through the Greeks line, down through Roman civilization, and even through the Middle Age civilization. Right up until today, you will find naked societies in remote regions of warm climate countries. Their members don't wear clothes and go about their daily activities, happy and carefree. When you look at the societies and compare their attitudes to ours, there seems to be a conflict in values, in addition to what is important or not.

How to protect yourself from getting arrested, while engaging in nude activities.

The best way to carry on your desired activities, which are provided to you under the First Amendment is to first consult legal advice. This should definitely be the case if you are a part of a group who engages in a formatted club type of an organization. A civil attorney will provide you with an itemized list of things you can do, in addition to those that you should not do. This is also an excellent leverage device for discouraging interference from law enforcement, especially if legal permits are required. Always make sure that documents are filed before nude activities commence.

How to bend the rule? Pushing the nudity limits.

When looking for so-called push the limit situations, it is imperative that the people who will be involved do their homework. You must know if there are any laws in place that will hinder your activities. In certain states and cities, you can actually hire law enforcement to act as security for your nudity based events. When this is possible, they will act as protection and chaperons for your activities on a paying basis.

What are nudity related people and groups doing?

Believe it or not, there are literately thousands of nudity based groups and clubs worldwide, statewide, and citywide. The Internet makes it possible to make connections, join groups and clubs, and follow activities. Before the Internet, it was somewhat hard to make contacts in an expedited manner. However, with the growth and expansion of the world wide web, individuals can use their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and home base computers to make contact and interact with individuals of the nude oriented community.

Different ways to practice nudity anywhere safely?

It is possible to practice nudity in a variety of ways. First, you need to realize that nudity is a natural expression. This is how you came into the world, and simply speaking, it is a natural state of being. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve walked around naked, before they disobeyed God. According to this line of thinking, we were never meant to wear clothes but only did so after having done something that they were not supposed to do.

People do require clothing at specific points in time. However, there are other times when you should have the option to wear them or not. There are many cultures in underdeveloped areas of the world, where people wear little to no clothing period. It is almost a direct correlation between forced civilization and a reduction of natural living.

If you are thinking about diving into the nudism culture, it might be a good idea to get to know what nudism is all about. To most people indulging in this lifestyle, being nude is drawing closer to nature. Quite a few individuals feel that choosing this type of lifestyle will propel them to a new level of life enjoyment. Many feel that just because you are nude, you don't have to engage in sexual activity. Many nude goers indulge in sports like volleyball, jogging, swimming, body contest, body artwork, yoga, and even storytelling. These participants just indulge in the events just mentioned, without clothing, while feeling good doing it.

Various ways to voice your opinion about nudity.

I would venture to say that every single human being has had thoughts about what it would be like to go around naked. However, I bet that only a minute quantity of individuals ever got up enough nerve to visit a nude beach or attend a nudist resort. With this in mind, I would say that the best way to find out what individuals think about nudity, is to ask them. Virtually everyone has an opinion about nudity, but will not express them unless asked. The following are the answers that were received, when random individuals were asked their opinion about nudity.

“Nudity should be allowed everywhere; God gave us our bodies, so what is there to be ashamed of. We always hide it, because that is what society expects. The human body is beautiful and should not be hidden. It's ours, and we should be able to show it.”

“If you just sit down and think about it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being nude in public. Doing this is a self-expression. I am open-minded, and I enjoy sunbathing nude, nude hiking, playing sports nude, mowing the lawn nude, riding my bike nude, and swimming nude. I'm lucky because I live out in the country with the nearest neighbor five miles away. If I lived in the city, the proximity of people would really put a damper on my activities.”

“This is what I think; If you don't like the thought of public nudity, all that you have to do is to keep your clothes on. Those individuals that feel the desire to be nude should be allowed to if it doesn't hurt anyone, and the place is private. As for kids seeing it, don't you think that they are naked at home plus see their parents naked. What's the big deal?”

“As long as kids are not involved, where is the harm? Now there are many nudist colonies, where parents bring their kids. They have been doing this for so long, that it is the norm. The clash comes in when outsiders want to impose their own personal beliefs on individual private groups. Who is right?”

“Public nudity is a healthy way to live and is no way a bad thing. I think that fear is the basis for those individuals as opposed to nudity. Public nudity is not a sexual thing when people are just trying to be free and one with their body. The average person worries too much about clothes, plus what others will think about them. In today's culture, nudity is seen as sexual; however, it's not. It's just people who want to be one with nature.”

“Clothing should be optional; The way we came into this world is the way we should go out. Until the government pays for everyone's clothing, it should be our option to wear clothes or not. How many sets of clothing do you feel that the government will purchase for everyone?”

“History has revealed that nudity does not harm society. However, clothing has made our bodies, sexual Objects. Going nude has physical, social, and psychological benefits. In your opinion, is natural nudity more offensive than body modifications such as tattoos or piercings? We embrace these elements openly and freely but condemn the beauty of the male and female body.”

Some other examples of various social and cultural norms regarding nudity.

In Alexander The Great's time (356-323 B.C.) there were several ascetic sects in India whose members walked about completely naked. This activity was considered part of their spiritual discipline.

Buddha used to be a naked ascetic before he founded his own religion. The Ajivikas used to demand complete nudity of all disciples until they completely disappeared.

The body of the Western world inhabitants, from the Middle Ages entering the nineteenth century, was not known for sanitation. Since these people viewed the unclothed body as sinful, the habit of bathing in bathhouses was unthinkable, unlikely, and unacceptable. Simple sponge or wipe down baths were the rule and custom.

For over two thousand years In Japan, nude family and mixed-sex communal bathing were approved by the dominant religions. Many public bath houses in Japan to this day have private rooms of various sizes where families or social groups can experience the steaming pools in privacy, while completely nude.

There were five groups in the history of Christianity: the Carpocrations, Adamites, Adamianis, Encratites, and Marcosians. These groups had several ministers and priests in the contemporary nudist movement. Many religious leaders used as their justification, the many parts of the Bible, which speak of accepting the human body without shame.

Also, throughout history, nudity has been used as a form of protest. During the Middle Ages, Lady Godiva rode a horse through the town square naked, except for her long hair, as a form of protest. If one's aim is to get noticed, in a clothed society, stripping is certainly the most effective way to get noticed. St. Francis of Assisi: "Who was rebuked by his bishop," removed his clothes and proceeded to take a stroll naked through the streets.

Benjamin Franklin is reported to have been seen swimming in the Thames in London without clothing, in addition to a nude cold-air bath each morning while reading or writing.

Writer Henry David Thoreau and poet Walt Whitman were very cognizant of the repressive attitudes regarding the human body, which existed in America. Their work expressed intense feelings for a back-to-nature, innocence, and body freedom movement.

In the day and age that we are living in, the naked body is still looked at as being unnatural. But with all of the advanced technology and diverse TV selections, anyone can view anything at the time of their choosing. This can be done with TV blocks that protect children from being exposed to overt nudity. However, viewing or participating in any overt physical nude activities, must be done with extreme candor.

In conclusion

There are people all over the world, who are really attracted to the nude lifestyle, but there is an equal number of individuals who could care less. If you are attracted to this lifestyle, make sure that you read up on it, to find the ideal spots to visit, the type of people that you would feel comfortable around naked, and the safest and most ideal spots to practice your new lifestyle.

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