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Written by Robert WK Clark   
Saturday, 19 February 2011 16:26

Welcome to Robert WK Clark's Figurative Fine Art Studio -

There are many words that can describe an artist, but passion and interesting illustrate Robert WK Clark. Clark is an artist who attributes organization as an important aspect of the artwork that he creates. An enigmatic paradox enhances the beauty in Clark’s work as the observer sees not a single point of splendor, rather a fusion and a union of chaotic yet serene nature.

Robert WK Clark celebrates the artistry and beauty of the female form in his works. Clad in nothing but the barest of accessories, Clark’s subjects are depicted in various classy and elegant poses with their facial expressions and poses telling stories and sending messages to the world and portraying emotions so raw that the viewers of the piece would be caught in the authenticity and mastery of each environment that Clark has successfully achieved. Each image is captured in some tranquil settings like deserts, rivers, and forests, among other locations. Clark also uses everyday objects and substances like paint, jewelry, flowers, and  feathers, to send a message. Moreover, each work by Clark has been artistically altered to create effects of light and shade and effects of texture and balance. Color composition should also not be ignored in Clark’s works. Tinges of blue in an image evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. Hues of red and orange depict movement and dynamism. The model, the environment she is in, and Clark’s technique are seamlessly combined to form a unique and classy composition of art.

The work is passionate and that passion is easily translated in to the images being observed. The passion is apparent not only in the design but in the arrangement of the composition and the manner in which it is presented. After viewing Clark's work one cannot deny the passion and the emotions that are flowing in the art work, and the collage presented reflects on the beauty and subtlety of the artist’s work. The Sand Series and the Water Series are beautiful examples of how Clark is able to merge the element with the subject to tell a telling tale. The work is representative of not only the emotional states of the artist’s mind; they are also reflection of intelligence, depth and precision.

The entertainment value of Clark’s works is invaluable. In a certain image, one would be fascinated to see a woman going toward the sunset, her movement suggesting joviality and ease of her surroundings. In another image, one would be delighted to see a woman in a relaxed pose and surrounded by flowers. The rest of the collection would be a pleasant surprise. Moreover, Clark also seeks to educate the viewer of his artistic technique. Most of his works show the delineation of animate objects and inanimate ones. Most of Clark’s compositions are also studies of light balance, of color gradation, and of how color can affect the mood of the piece and how color can bring out the messages evoked in each work of art. Clark also shows the viewer how any object and surrounding can be transformed into scintillating works. His collection of works display human emotions that seek to entertain and inspire the viewer.

The intelligence value of Clark's work can be observed in the Abandoned Series which fuses the subjects of beauty and age in manner that is gratifying to observing and enlightening all at the same time. The Flower Series is a present, the exquisiteness of the artist’s taste by fusing exotic flowers with the wondrous body. While people question the collective work of many artists’, Clark’s work is a statement on its own. The uniqueness in the work stems from the fact that the statement contained in the works is not or rather does not remain limited to the artist; it extends to the possessor of the work as well.

The human body in itself is a landscape of exceptional beauty. For many years, photographers have been in awe in utilizing the subject of human bodies as a primary source of their inspiration in presenting what natural and real beauty is about. Nude art has specifically been meeting with several controversies in the past. However, at present, it could be realized that this kind of art has received several attention from primary artists around the globe. The utilization of the human body as the specific epitome of real undoubted beauty has become a common presentation of what natural aesthetic is all about.

Robert WK Clark’s collection on using the woman’s body as the primary aspect of focal feature in his compositions specifically presents a rather modern appreciation of the human body as a form of art as it is. The meaning of each presentation taken by the photographer lays on the use of color, lighting and comprehensive elements that aims to enhance human form as a part of a more expressive aspect of art rather than an object of malice. Those who know how to appreciate real art shall find Clark’s collection a representation of both emotions and perception of the human body’s natural being. The landscape that a woman’s body represents is highly defined within these several series of collections created by Robert WK Clark. Using different grades of lighted backgrounds and elemental aspects such as coins, films, sand, and mud, Clark hopes to make a more definite indication of the human body as the base art as it is imposing on the idea of appreciating the pureness of the human body without the ornaments of clothing covering its grandness. Looking through the collections presented in this website shall provide one a more definite understanding and a much better appreciation of the pureness of the human body as a form of the most comprehensive art that ever existed.

Most artists are only able to satisfy a particular type connoisseur. Those with even slightly different tastes are not able to find gratification in the work of many artists; however, this is not the case with Clark. Art connoisseurs of different tastes find something to their liking in Clark’s work, such is the versatility commanded by the artist. The work is clear and vivid and one does not have to dwell on the work and the statement within the work. The simplicity of the work increases the manner in which they statement is conveyed and yet there is a hint of a slight sophistication that present Clark’s work in a completely different light from his contemporaries. The simplicity is not overt, yet the sophistication is not covert; rather there is this unexplainable blend of sensual elements that bring to life the most startling of images, providing a gratification to the artist and those who look at his work.

It is in the case of possession that the website comes to be of importance. Most people search for the artists, and they come in contact with the artists for the sole purpose of possessing one of their works. His work is not limited to his studio or various locations in New Mexico, although currently residing in Rio Rancho, a suburb of Albuquerque, NM. Located in the vicinity of the prestigious Santa Fe art colony, one of the largest art markets in the United States. People who intend to possess one of Clark’s art pieces can do so simple via the website. The collage is available for view and the works that the person wishes of obtain may be ordered online without much ado. The website also allows the different connoisseurs to come in contact by sharing their opinions and reviews wwhich further reinstates the statements made by the artist continuously in his work.

© Robert WK Clark

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